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Preamble -
On this day, the below signed Empires have joined together in an alliance of mutual defense and trade. By doing so these nations have agreed to come to the aid of any (of our members) in need, and pledge to have a treaty of no less than a trade and research pact will all the undersigned nations.

Supreme law -
This charter is the highest law of the alliance and no law or treaty may be above it in any way or form.

Government -
The legislative body is split into two separate parts, the Main house, and the Position of Coordinator. After a proposed action has been voted on by the main house, it will go to the coordinator who will either accept or reject the action. The vetoed action can then be returned to the floor of the Main House and passed only with a unanimous vote by all house members. As a check of the Coordinator's power, he is barred from voting in the house.

Admissions -
While not looking to greatly influence the current universe, The CFE is based on profit and protection, in order to establish this, The Coalition of Free Empires must accept new members from time to time. Admission to the Coalition of Free Empires is not meant to be hard but there are a few conditions that must be met. All Empires petitioning to join the CFE must:
1) Agree to abide by CFE Charter and all CFE Rulings
2) Accept that they may one day be called upon to help in the defense of the CFE
3) Pay monthly dues to the Coalition Fund
4) Establish relations of at least a Trade and Research Alliance with all Member Nations
5) Have both a well written history and cultural information about your Empire (A website is a plus.)

Powers of Assembly -
The main house has the ability to legislative the following areas. Assembly will be held in the CFE's private forum. It is a good idea to check the Forum every day as new votes may be called at anytime without warning. To prevent the stagnation and delay of decisions a Seven-day time period will be placed upon all proposed actions and legislature, a two week time period will be placed upon all new membership votes however. At the end of this seven-day period voting will be closed. Your right to vote is your voice. Don't waste it.
1) War Declaration
2) New Membership
3) Inter-Alliance Relation Treaties
4) Amendments to the Coalition of Free Empire's Constitution

War Powers -
If any member nation falls under an unprovoked attack, the Coalition of Free Empires will provide both military and financial support to the defensive member. The use of mercenary service is not prohibited but no more than 10,000 credits from the Coalition fund will be spent for them. The Coalition of Free Empires condemns aggressive nature and any member found provoking needless wars will receive no aid or support from the CFE.

The Coalition Fund -
All Coalition Members are required to pay 2,500 credits a month into the Coalition Fund. This fund will be used to help members establish treaties with other members, fight wars, hire mercenaries, and improve the general welfare of those in the alliance. Any member late with their fees will be fined 500 credits. If a member is found tardy with their due's three times legislative action may be taken.

The Amendment Process -
This Constitution of the Coalition of Free Empires may be amended by a vote from the house and agreement from the Coordinator to insure the survival of the Alliance in its entirety.

Ratification -
The acceptance of no less then two people shall ratify this charter and membership.